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Q. What are the various sizes and dimensions of containers?

Typically, they come in 20,' 40,' and 45' lengths. All are 8' wide. Standard height is 8'6". Some 40' units are 9'6," which are called High Cubes. See dimensions on each product page.

Q. I am moving my home or business, will move my stuff?

No, is only in the business of selling cargo containers.

Q. How do you deliver or move a container?

Containers can be delivered or moved on a flat bed trailer or tilt bed trailer. A tilt bed trailer is required if you do not have a heavy-duty forklift or a container lifting machine.

Q. Are your containers rust free, leak free, and structurally sound?

Generally all used containers have been used in the shipping industry for over 10 years, so there will be some level of physical obsolescence such as minor dents and exterior rust. We inspect every one of our units and will warrant them to be structurally sound and watertight. We are known for quality used cargo containers.

Q. What is Corten steel?

Corten steel is a high tensile steel that is rust resistant. It is the preferred steel used in the manufacturing of cargo containers.

Q. What type of preparation is required in the area we place the container?

An ideal location is flat and free of debris, or any sources of moisture, which can come up through the bottom of the container. A container should be placed in a location where water will not pool under the bottom. For long-term storage, it is recommended the container be placed on pier blocks to prevent moisture problems.

Q. What is a lock box, and how do they work?

A lock box is a simple clasp device, which attaches over the container doors and allows a padlock to be installed preventing unauthorized entry.

Q. How much do containers weigh?

20' containers weigh approximately 5,000 Lbs, and 40' containers weigh approximately 8,200 lbs.

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